Desert is about indulgence, not compromise.

Our story begins long ago, but really got interesting five years ago. I was one of those people who believe that the food you eat affects the quality of life you live. This is easily apparent on a personal level, and harder to ignore on a population level. The foods we choose to eat affect the wellbeing of our bodies and planet.

Taking my daughters for a ride downtown one day I was blown away by difficulty in finding decent food respecting our bodies, environment and tastebuds.

Have you ever tried to convince a five year old that a non dairy, cane sugar free desert is going to be as good as a good old ice cream cone? – It doesn’t go down well.

Five year olds don’t want to compromise, they want to enjoy what the are doing, regardless of external factors. Five year olds are great at pointing out the truth, and the truth was that there were no fun choices for us.

So we went home 😞 and made our own ice cream 🙂 and it was good. really good, even better than the frankefoods falling off supermarket shelves. But that shouldn’t be surprising. As advanced as science is, we are a long long way from matching the perfection imbued into whole foods.

At Knox & Aya we simply make uncompromisingly indulgent deserts using real whole food ingredients. The only thing we refine is the flavour.

Actually we also refine our focus on the things which matter most to us:

Minimal impact packaging: From supplier to store we are seeking ways to minimise the carbon foot print. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Compost.

Ingredients are sourced locally where possible from growers using organic or sustainable farming techniques to support the wellbeing of the entire ecosystem.

Plant based, no animals harmed or enslaved in the production of our foods.

Ethical, a fair price for a good product, leading to systemic wellbeing and a great taste in your mouth.


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